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Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School | Creve Coeur, MO, United States

Posted Date 11/18/2021

About When prospective parents and community members walk into Mirowitz, they say something along these lines: "Something's different about this school. You can feel it the moment you walk in the door." It's the feeling you get when you are surrounded by people who look for the best in others and who know that kindness begets more kindness. Every morning at Mirowitz we consider how to learn better, how to teach better, how to lead better, and how to be better friends to each other. That unique loving spirit is the essence of Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School.

Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School is a pluralistic Jewish independent school for children kindergarten through eighth grade. The school offers a robust general and Jewish studies curriculum, and we purposefully infuse our learning environment with simcha — intentional Jewish joy.

At Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School, we believe that school should be a place of academic excellence. School also should be a place where children grow to be socially responsible, to develop a moral compass that will guide their leadership, and where Jewish learning inspires children to connect to their heritage and to engage in meaningful ways with the world.

We are committed to providing our students with an extraordinary childhood. Each minute we have with our students is valuable. We strive to fill them with learning that is meaningful and helps them reach their highest potential. We are the only Jewish school in St. Louis that is not affiliated with the Orthodox movement. We welcome Jewish families from all denominations, those who do not affiliate with a
denomination, and even non-Jewish families interested in a Jewish learning environment for their children. We have created a school community that encourages members who express their values and Judaism in diverse ways to engage each other with curious, passion and
respect. We have seen that the purposeful practice of pluralism exposes children to authentic, alternative views and results in better learning across all subject areas.

This position requires an educator with significant experience who has spent some time
in a top administrative role. Candidates should be innovative and knowledgeable in
current best educational practices, able to guide faculty and staff and attract new talent,
and to oversee day-to-day operations with skill, passion and a sense of humor.
Roles include:

Head of School will bring the school’s values to life, and champion its mission and vision.
• Lead the development and implementation of all educational programs, including general education, Judaic studies, and extra-curricular programs, in a way that aligns with the school’s mission, vision and values.
• Support and guide the school’s child-centered, Constructivist-based curriculum for both general and Judaic studies.
• Ensure the success of all students through the support of varied methods of instruction.
• Create a culture that reinforces the school's values including: a love of learning, a passion for social responsibility, joyful Jewish learning, Jewish pluralism, a love of Israel, a culture of kindness, and the creation of significant learning memories.

Head of School will build, cultivate and engage a community of faculty, students, families, alumni, donors, leaders of other Jewish agencies in a shared commitment to providing Mirowitz students a childhood filled with meaning.
• Serve as the key spokesperson, visionary leader and advocate for the school.
• Enhance all school relationships, including those with parents, the Jewish community, and the secular community.
• Lead a systematic student recruitment and retention process.
• Collaborate with the board of trustees, its chair, and its committees to carry out established school policies; attend meetings, prepare reports, maintain board records, and keep trustees informed on all aspects of the school's operation.
• Work with the board of trustees and the school's administrative team to identify and prioritize strategies for institutional growth, academic excellence and community engagement.
• Represent the school in its relations with state and federal agencies, and with educational organizations and accrediting agencies.

Head of school will lead a team to ensure the effective administration and execution of the school.
• Attract, hire, develop, evaluate and retain a world-class team to execute and augment the school’s mission and vision.
• Supervise faculty and staff, setting standards for performance and holding employees accountable to deliver against them.
• Cultivate future leadership of the school and make intentional investments to help them grow. Guide, motivate, and empower faculty and staff to grow professionally.
• Promote a team spirit among faculty and staff in support of the school’s mission.
• Manage all aspects of the school’s operations.
• Lead a team of professionals responsible for development, marketing, admissions and administration.
• Maintain the highest standards in safety, both physical and cyber. Ensure that safety protocols are established and updated. Communicate those protocols to the community to instill confidence and a sense of security.
• Maintain, and ultimately increase, student enrollment through effective recruitment and retention efforts. Oversee the school’s “Tangle Protocol” to solve learning, social and other challenges in a timely manner.
• Ensure the school and faculty have all appropriate certifications and comply with all associated regulations, without exception.
• Address and manage unplanned or unexpected situations by bringing in the appropriate people—both inside school and outside experts; communicate openly, provide transparency and leadership, and act with care and consideration.
• Ensure the effective maintenance of the existing facilities and technology.

Head of School will ensure the long-term financial viability of the school.
• Collaborate with the Board of Trustees to increase the school’s revenue.
• Manage the school’s finances within the budget.
• Work with development professionals to cultivate and effect generous financial
support of the school.
• Make wise investments that improve the school and deliver superior learning to Mirowitz students.
• Make strategic organizational decisions while safeguarding the educational experience of the students.

Head of school will have these traits
• Dynamic, inspirational, charismatic leadership style.
• Deep knowledge of current best educational practices and innovative approaches to
• Display sound judgement and strong approach to decision making steeped in logic and facts. Proactively and effectively engage the expertise within the school’s community to inform decision making when appropriate.
• Lead with compassion and consistency; model the values of kavod and kehilla to students, employees, parents, donors and all school stakeholders.
• Apply and connect Jewish principles and learnings to daily situations.
• Collaborate with and seek guidance from the community in solving problems and shaping the future of the school and the local Jewish community.
• Be entrepreneurial, act with a sense of ownership for the institution and its community, openly recognize potential problems and conflict, and take the necessary steps to resolve them in a way that ensures the school’s continued success.
• Embody a love of learning. Celebrate curiosity and inquiry. Empower staff and faculty to be continuous learners, to deliver superior programs and be part of a collaborative team that pursues excellence.
• Recognize the importance of communication in building community and take care to use words thoughtfully and with consideration.
• Effectively manage a team by listening actively, identifying strengths in others, and enabling teachers and staff in their own leadership capacities

To apply to be the next head of school of Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School, send your résumé and cover letter to Amy Wasser, Senior Director of Prizmah Services, Prizmah Center for Jewish day schools, [email protected] Please follow the link below for the full opportunity statement:

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