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The JewishJobs mission is to connect nonprofit Jewish communal professionals with jobs in nonprofit Jewish organizations.

JewishJobs.com is the Clearinghouse for Nonprofit Jewish Communal jobs. Online since 2003, 74,775 nonprofit Jewish communal jobs have been posted on JewishJobs.com and these job listings have been viewed 5,294,422 times in aggregate.

JewishJobs.com is the website where nonprofit Jewish communal jobs are posted online by nonprofit Jewish communal organizations. The vast majority of jobs are located within the United States. Sample jobs include rabbis, fundraisers, nonprofit CEOs and CFOs, teachers, principals, and many other types of job positions. View all jobs

Jewish Jobs Weekly is the weekly email published by JewishJobs.com and includes jobs recently posted on the website JewishJobs.com. Currently there are 55,000+ email subscribers to Jewish Jobs Weekly. To include your job in Jewish Jobs Weekly, please post your job on the JewishJobs.com website.

Candidate Applications includes sending employers resumes through an internal Job Application Process whereby Job Posters are notified when candidates apply to a job and receive an email notice that includes a resume. Since 2006, JewishJobs.com has processed the Job Applications for approximately 50% of the jobs posted online, totaling 279,034 Job Applications from Job Seekers to Job Posters. 

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