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Posted Date 10/25/2022

Yeshiva Elementary School (Y.E.S.) seeks talented and committed General Studies teachers and Rebbeim for boys ranging from kindergarten through fifth grade.  We seek teachers/rebbeim with experience and passion who will uphold the standards of excellence, both in terms of academics as well as character.  Part-time and full-time positions available.  We offer a comprehensive compensation package that includes excellent salary, benefits, professional development, opportunity for growth and more. Email resumes to [email protected] for immediate consideration or visit our website at www.yeshivaelementary.com for more information about Y.E.S. 

Yeshiva Elementary School (Boys Campus) offers boys in grades K-5 an opportunity to grow in learning, develop life skills, build positive Middos and create lasting relationships with Rebbeimand teachers.   Teaching our students how to learn on their own, while simultaneously making learning stimulating and thought provoking, is key to fostering a lifelong desire to learn. Through intensive vocabulary training, understanding the structure of Chumash, Mishnayos and Gemara and learning b’chavrusa, our students develop the skills to grow into successful masmidim.

The General Studies Department at Yeshiva Elementary School offers a challenging academic program that not only teaches skills and content, but also teaches thinking.  While our skills are aligned with Sunshine State Standards and Common Core Curriculum, our small class size allows teachers to tailor the curriculum to each child’s strengths and needs.  A sequential curriculum, assessment and differentiated instruction ensure that students graduate from Yeshiva Elementary thoroughly prepared for middle school. 

The Boys School curriculum is enhanced by various academic programs and extra-curricular activities, which promote unity and school spirit and expand the knowledge of our students across the curriculum. Expos and contests offer opportunities to internalize information through a creative, hands-on approach. Boys are encouraged to participate in Motzei Shabbos Mishmar as well as davening and hasmodah programs during Yom Tov and vacations. This helps establish the importance of learning and promotes a student’s view of himself as a Ben Torah. Regular Limudei Kodesh classes for all boys on Sunday mornings serve to further solidify these goals.

The Hanhala and Rebbeim of Y.E.S. work closely with Mechina Middle and High Schools, running joint learning and Yom Tov programs throughout the school year. The Mechina also offers several extra-curricular programs during chol hamoed Succos and Pesach. Students attending these programs find themselves inspired to continue growing and learning, and excited to attend Mechina Middle School. 

Salary25000.00 - 70000.00 Annual
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Early Childhood Hebrew Teacher | Early Childhood Judaic Studies Teacher | Early Childhood Lead Teacher | Early Childhood Teacher | Education - Other | Jewish Studies Teacher | Lower School Teacher | Rabbi | Teacher (Classroom)
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Education & Schools | Yeshiva
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