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Posted Date 7/12/2022

Our client, Kesser Torah College in Sydney, Australia is a Jewish Orthodox school with a Chabad ethos catering for over 500 students from early childhood to year 12.

  1. College Ethos, Values and Priorities

The College Principal is responsible for promoting, developing, implementing and protecting the College ethos, values and priorities in every aspect of school life, and is ultimately responsible for the operation of the College on a day-to-day basis.

The College Principal reports directly to the President of the Board and will meet with the President on a regular basis.

Direct Reports to the College Principal:

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Deputy Principal
  • Head of Jewish Studies (High School) Head of General Studies (High School)
  • Head of Primary School
  • Head of Jewish Studies (Primary School) – NB: this position also reports to Head of Primary School for day-to-day operations.
  • Director of Early Learning


  1. Educational Leadership

The College Principal is accountable for:

Providing the highest standards of both Jewish and General education for all students in accordance with:

  • Halocho
  • the College ethos, values and priorities
  • the Policies and Priorities of Statutory authorities.
  • Implementing College policies.
  • Developing and implementing the College vision, priorities and targets.
  • Developing and maintaining a school culture that values learning and the pursuit of excellence in a collaborative environment.
  • Ensuring the relevance of the overall College curriculum to meet regulatory, individual and community needs. This includes strong leadership in ensuring differentiation to develop all learners, in a child-centred environment.
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of teaching and learning programmes consistent with NESA policies, procedures and curriculum expectations and the policies approved by the Board.
  • Fostering a culture that embraces critical thought, independent learning, adaptability, cultural interests, tolerance, social responsibility and self-discipline.
  • Promoting educational innovation, with particular reference to the use of information, communication and learning technologies.
  • Ensuring a broad and engaging co- and extra-curricular programme for students.
  • Representing the public face of the College, both within and beyond the College community.
  • Imbuing in the students a love of learning of both Jewish and General Studies together with Yiras Shomayim.


  1. Leadership of Staff and Community

The College Principal is accountable for:

  • The recruitment and appointment of high-quality teaching staff throughout the College. KTC aspires to have teachers who are child-centred in their approach to education, who continually strive to maximise each child’s potential irrespective of ability.
  • The development and leadership of a motivated, high performing Senior Management Team.
  • Where necessary, the performance management and dismissal of staff, in accordance with relevant industrially accepted protocols.
  • Advising and assisting staff in their understanding and execution of their professional duties and responsibilities in accordance with the ethos of the College.
  • Overseeing the professional learning and development of staff to ensure high quality teaching and learning within the College.
  • Informing the President of all necessary and relevant matters relating to the appointment and dismissal of staff.
  • Implementing processes through which professional practice can be reflected upon and evaluated.
  • Clearly communicating duties and responsibilities of teaching and administrative staff.
  • Meeting regularly with all staff to ensure open communication, sharing of ideas and alignment of objectives.
  • Implementing appropriate and innovative pedagogy at all levels within the College.
  • Instilling a culture in the parent body and outside community to ensure support for and positive involvement in the College.
  1. Welfare

The College Principal is accountable for:

  • The spiritual and holistic care of students and staff, cultivating a warm and nurturing school.
  • Developing and implementing the College behaviour and welfare policies and practices.
  • Holistically developing all students to enable them to realise their full potential as individuals and members of society.
  • Supporting the intellectual, spiritual, moral, social and physical development of students.
  1. Security

The College Principal is responsible for the overall security of the students and the College.

  1. School Development

The College Principal is accountable for:

  • Promoting the College to attract enrolments so as to maintain or expand enrolment numbers as appropriate.
  • Implementing the College Enrolment Policy.
  • Overseeing the development, marketing, publicity and public relations activities of the College.
  1. Policy, Resource Management and Reporting

The College Principal is accountable for:

  • Developing and implementing an Annual Budget, together with the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and in liaison with the President/Treasurer of the Board, to ensure the viability and sustainability of the College. The College Principal and COO must submit the budget annually to the Board for its approval.

For clarity: the COO is responsible for financial management and administration.  The College Principal, together with the COO, will set annual budgets for presentation and approval by the Board.

  • Risk management and meeting statutory and compliance requirements.
  • Generally overseeing the administration and support functions throughout the College, through the COO.
  • Overseeing an ICT Strategic Plan and its implementation.
  • Maintaining records in accordance with requirements for school registration and accreditation, and other forms of regulation, using appropriate supporting technologies.

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