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Posted Date 5/31/2022

Religious School Teacher at Congregation Shir Ha-Ma'alot Job Description

Role Title: Judaica and/or Hebrew Teacher (several different grades, subjects, positions to be filled for the 2022-2023 school year)
Reports to: Heather Rosenthal, Director of Youth Education

Duties and Responsibilities

· Communication: Contact each student/family prior to the start of the school year (September 2022), introducing him/herself and open the lines of school/home communication via our parent communication app, Parent Square

Weekly Posts: A weekly post must go out to parents before Monday afternoon after class with relevant information and description of what students learned in Sunday’s class. All posts and pictures will be shared through Parent Square

§ The Teacher will not send out communication between the hours of Friday night at 6:00 pm and Saturday night at 6:00 pm in observance of Shabbat.

Student Concerns: If there is a concern/issue with a student in class, the Teacher must first speak to the Inclusion Specialist and/or Director about the concern before reaching out to the family of the student

§ At no point will the Teacher send a punitive message to parents though Parent Square or email.

Meeting with students/parents: If necessary, a Teacher may ask a parents and/or student to meet with him/her before or after class, if the meeting has been approved by the Director with substantial notice.

Yasher Koach cards: A Teacher is encouraged to send a “Yasher Koach” card to a student/Madrich/a for their positive actions on a given day. The “Yasher Koach” cards are by the Teachers boxes and once fill out, the Teacher will hand them to the Coordinator who will mail them out.

· Lesson Planning: Plan out the week’s lesson following the Director’s format and submit before end of the day Tuesday before class occurs.

Compensation: Part of the hourly rate of pay includes lesson planning time.

Additional Materials: If there are copies or additional materials needing to be purchased for the lesson, the Teacher must submit a supply request to the Religious School Administrator by the Tuesday before class occurs. A Teacher may not go buy their own supplies and expect compensation without prior approval from Coordinator and/or Director.

· Attendance: The Teacher must arrive to SHM no later than 15 minutes before the start of class and be present in the classroom at least 5 minutes before class starts.

Absences: If a Teacher must be absent for a reason, he/she must speak with the Director two weeks prior to class for approval. The Director will be responsible for finding a substitute for the class.

§ Substitute Lesson Plans: When a Teacher is absent, it is his/her responsibility to write the sub plans for the substitute. The sub plans should be more detailed than a typical Sunday/Tuesday lesson, detailing class norms, procedures and any student/Madrichim issues to be aware of.

· Cleanliness: The Teacher is responsible for making sure that his/her classroom is cleaned up after each class, leaving no loose papers and/or items on any desks in the room. Everything must be picked up off the floor for the custodian and no food should ever be left in the classroom. Classrooms are shared during the week with another school.

Locked Cabinet: Teachers should store all their classroom supplies/materials in the locked cabinet within their room.

Resource Room: Teachers should keep the Resource Room clean and tidy every time he/she uses it. If a Teacher sends a Madrich/a into the Resource Room, it is the Teacher’s responsibility to follow through on the Madrich/a cleanliness of the Resource Room.

· Progress Reports: Teacher must submit mid-year and end-of-year progress report comments as required by the Director by the determined due date. The Teacher will be compensated for 30 minutes of their time to write the comments outside of their school responsibilities.

· School/Home/Temple connection: The Teacher shall assist the school to strengthen the cooperation between home and school, and participate in T’filah, assemblies, special activities and inter-school program whenever his/her students are involved.

Family Shabbat Services: Each grade level is assigned 1-2 Family Shabbat services to participate in every school year. Although not mandatory, participating in our synagogue’s customs is important. In addition, the Teacher acts as a role model for his/her students when practicing their Judaism.

§ Congregant Service: Ensure that all congregants feel welcome and are given responsive, friendly and courteous service at all time

Role model to students: The Teacher serves as a role model to students in the entire Religious School. There is no time during school hours when a teacher is “off”, including transition times, T’filah, assemblies, special programs, etc.


· Teacher’s Contract: Upon hiring, the Director will provide the Teacher with a contract that he/she must sign and date, agreeing to all the terms within the contract.

Required Documents: The Teacher shall fill out a SHM Employment Application, an I-9 form, a copy of Driver’s License and Social Security Card or U.S. Passport, W-4 form, Direct Deposit form and a Live Scan form (fingerprinting).

Special Note for Live Scan: The contract is not legally binding until the Director receives a clear fingerprint scan from the Department of Justice.

· Hourly Rate: A Teacher’s hourly rate will be determined based upon their years of teaching experience in a formal and/or informal education setting.

o This hourly rate can be found on the Teacher’s contract.

· Professional Development: The Teacher shall be in attendance for all professional development opportunities that pertain to the grade level/subject he/she is teaching. The compensation for attending the professional development is listed in the Teacher Contract.

JEA "Day of Learning" Conference- August 2022

Faculty Orientation(s)

Faculty Meetings throughout the Year

Job Types: Part-time, Contract

Pay: $20.00 - $45.00 per hour


  • Professional development assistance


  • Day shift

COVID-19 considerations:
All teachers are required to be fully vaccinated and show proof on acceptance of the position.


  • High school or equivalent (Preferred)


  • working with children: 1 year (Required)

Work Location: One location

Salary20.00 - 45.00 Hour
Part Time, Contract, & Seasonal
Early Childhood Judaic Studies Teacher | Early Childhood Teacher | Education - Other | Hebrew | Jewish Studies Teacher | Teacher (Classroom) | Youth Groups Advisor
Part Time Categories
Hebrew School/Sunday School | Part Time Teaching | Substitute Teacher | Youth Advisor
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