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Young Israel of West Hempstead | West Hempstead, NY, United States

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Posted Date 4/15/2024

Job title: Youth Director

Reports to: YIWH President & Youth Department  Co-Chairs

Overall responsibility:

Direct and lead the thriving youth department for a large congregation (about 500 member families + 200 associate members). Develop, promote, and execute engaging, content-rich, and well-organized programs and events, with a focus on Shabbos groups, holiday programming, and events. Direct all youth-related marketing and communications. 

This position is limited to “Youth” including ages 0 through 11/12 years old with an emphasis on children in nursery through 6th grade. . 

This position is part-time with the primary duties taking place on the weekends but requiring weekday preparation and organization. This position can either be filled by an individual or a husband-wife team. Salary is commensurate with experience but ranges from $25,000 - $50,000 and may include the possibility of use of a 3 bedroom house around the corner from the shul.

Key areas of responsibility - for both groups at YIWH main campus and our YI North Campus located in HANC ECC:

  1. Shabbos/Holiday groups

Oversee weekly groups and scheduling of group leaders to ensure appropriate coverage. Communicates with group leaders during the week to encourage children’s engagement with Parsha, tefillah and holidays; Create a culture of accountability for what happens in groups each week, make sure leaders use time effectively.

  1. Seek, hire and train all group teachers (both volunteer and paid group leaders). Make sure that expectations for the role are clear and hold group leaders accountable to those expectations. Reviews the performance of group leaders and arranges training to work on expectations, safety and activity workshops on a quarterly basis. 

  2. Attend all Shabbos and Yom Tov groups to ensure sessions are running smoothly and ensure proper oversight.

  3. Oversee the scheduling and tracking of group leader attendance and payroll schedule. 

  4. Assist group leaders are creating effective and age-appropriate engaging activities that are appealing to the group; add ideas and content as needed; make sure extra activities are available as needed.

  5. Problem-solve as issues come up in groups, circulate to each classroom every week, observe, participate and ensure that all is running smoothly and safely, and schedules and plans are followed.

  6. Work individually with children or families who are having difficulty with Shabbos or holiday morning programs, make efforts to include them in the group as much as possible or make appropriate modifications.

  7. Coordinate with Rabbi/Gabbaim and communicate with youth leaders if there are changes in times on Shabbos morning (i.e. scholar in residence, Rosh Chodesh, etc.) to ensure coverage for children and a calm, safe environment.

  8. Ensure that proper materials and snacks are available and that spaces are safe, childproof, clean, appropriately utilized. 

  9. Responsibilities include purchasing supplies as necessary in coordination with the office. Submit receipts and coordinate with accounting and the office for reconciliation. 

  10. Provide and post detailed schedules to volunteers, group leaders, and parents especially during busy seasons such as high holidays to keep all interested parties informed.

  11. Communicate details about upcoming events with office staff, YIWH members and the greater community effectively, clearly and in a timely manner; follow up with phone calls or emails to individuals as necessary for recruitment for participation.

  12. Coordinate event for prize ticket redemption

    Professional Marketing & Communication

Communicate details about upcoming events with office staff, YIWH members and the greater community effectively, clearly and in a timely manner; follow up with phone calls or emails to individuals as necessary for recruitment and participation.

  1. Market activities with various modes of communication 

  2. Prepare for, attend and proactively coordinate regular meetings with the Rabb(s), quarterly meetings with the president and chair people, and quarterly meetings with the youth committee to review content of programming, troubleshoot issues, bring forth new ideas and receive guidance.

  3. Maintain and update youth roster and family information in conjunction with office staff.


  1. Create an annual calendar of events before Rosh Hashanah/Elul, review with Rabbi, President and youth committee; market the plan to congregants through various modes of communication.

  2. Responsible for executing at least one engaging, content-rich youth/family program per quarter per age group with an appropriate (holiday or other) theme; 

  3. Plan and accomplish programs goals effectively which can be done with delegating certain tasks to volunteers. But youth director is ultimately responsible for the entire event); 

  4. Keep organized records of ideas and activities for the Synagogue’s records.

    Education/Family Learning

Create and execute engaging family learning activities which are age- and level-appropriate; implement several times per year. Collaborate with Rabbi(s) to provide content, create contests and prizes, create an engaging experience for families and be available to assist with learning.

     Some examples include:

  • Rosh Hashanah

  • Sukkos/Simchas Torah

  • Chanukkah

  • Tu B’Shvat

  • Purim

  • Kids Oneg

  • Yom Haatzmaut / Yom Yerushalayim

  • Parent-Child Learning



  • 3-5 years’ experience as a youth director, teacher or school/youth group administrator

  • Degree in Education is a plus

  • Enjoy working with and teaching youth 

  • Strong ability to lead volunteers and work with youth committee members

  • Work comfortably with both supervisors and office staff

  • Familiarity and competence with managing a given annual budget

  • Strong, clear and concise written and oral communication skills

  • Positive, upbeat and  energetic can-do attitude

  • Serve as a Judaic and Halachic role model

  • Operate in a professional capacity (follow through, detail-oriented, hard-working)

  • Available to attend almost all Shabbat/Yom Tov services during which youth classes and/or babysitting will be occurring

  • Attend all youth events and programs

Salary25,000.00 - 50,000.00 Annual
Part Time, Contract, & Seasonal
Organization Type
Kosher Food Option Available
Job Location
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