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Temple Emanu-El of Palm Beach | Palm Beach, FL, United States

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Posted Date 8/21/2023



Temple Emanu-El of Palm Beach’s Executive Director is the central point of contact and manager for all synagogue operations, and a primary representative of the synagogue to members, prospective members, vendors, and others. In collaboration with our lay leaders, other responsibilities include facilities management, financial oversight, and the effective administration of the policies and procedures established by the Board of Trustees. The Executive Director supports the clergy and provides direct supervision for all non-clergy and educational staff. The Executive Director also serves as a welcoming presence to current members, an enthusiastic advocate for the Temple to prospective members and an ambassador to the community at large.

The Temple's Executive Director anticipates issues and opportunities and identifies areas of need for both short-term and long-term planning  The Executive Director works to implement the long-term strategies for the Temple, as envisioned by the Temple's lay leadership.  The Executive Director is an initiator and self-starter of measures that will benefit the Temple, within established Temple policies and guidelines.

The Executive Director reports to the Temple President and is accountable to the Board of Trustees.

Administrative and Management Responsibilities

Provide thoughtful leadership to the Board of Trustees/Clergy and operationalize Temple Emanu-El’s vision, strategic plan, goals and initiatives to aid in the success and further the mission of Temple Emanu-El.

Establish and maintain the Temple’s annual calendar of events, updating as necessary, in coordination with the Programming Vice President and be responsible for the coordination and scheduling of events in cooperation with Clergy, synagogue staff and lay leaders.

Administer the Temple's bi-annual election process in accordance with the Temple's By-laws.

Maintain and keep the Temple Policy Log up to date; recommend new policies or codification of existing policies by the Board of Trustees.

Develop agenda items for, attend, and provide financial, administrative and membership reports to all meetings of the Temple's Executive Committee and Board of Trustees.

Advise the President of all governmental requirements that affect the Temple and supervise compliance.

Interface with United Synagogue, as necessary.

Maintain the Temple's current books and records and preserve the Temple's document archives.

Facilities and Staff Management

Maintain the appearance, safe condition, and repair of the building and underneath parking so that they remain clean, operational and ready for use as planned; arrange and schedule regular landscaping maintenance and provide for the use of all outdoor areas.

Oversee the preparation of Temple facilities for all services, programs and events; manage all operational aspects of all events including B’nai Mitzvah and other lifecycle events (e.g., funerals, shivas, etc.)

Identify and arrange necessary repairs and replacements that are within the Temple’s budget; recommend to the President and Board when unbudgeted replacements or other extraordinary expenses need to be incurred.

Evaluate, develop and maintain the Temple’s security systems, including security equipment; hire security personnel as directed by the Board; develop written emergency and disaster recovery plans; serve as The Temple’s liaison to local entities (e.g. police department) and to the Temple’s private security provider.

Hire, train, evaluate, schedule and supervise the Temple non-clergy staff (e.g. custodial, kitchen, administrative and finance); supervise the staff in accordance with the Temple’s Employee Handbook; exercise leadership by creating a team environment and synergy to enhance the attitudes and job performance of Temple employees.

Advise the President regarding the need to revise or update the Temple's Employee Handbook.

MAintain all clergy and other employment contracts current and free of issues.

Deal with all Temple parking issues, including all off-site parking availablity by interfacing with the Town of Palm Beach and other parking resources.

Hire parking valets for Temple events, as anticipated, needed or directed.

Require the kitchen to maintain Kashrut under the supervision of and consistent with the standards established by the Rabbi.

Recommend and obtain bids for maintaining all Temple insurance policies, including building, liability, windstorm, flood, and health and other employee benefits.


Develop and execute strategies for membership expansion, engagement and retention.

Manage operational aspects of B'nai Mitzvah and other lifecycle events (e.g. funeral, shiva, etc.) including scheduling, production of printed materials, and facility use.

Promote/coordinate religious, holiday, educational, social, and fundraising programming.

Provide logistical meeting support to all Temple lay committees.

Communication and IT

Assist/coordinate the writing, editing and distributing of printed and electronic communications for all programs and initiatives and all e-mail blasts and notices to the Temple membership and social media uploads.

Suipervise the publication and distribution of Kol Emanu-El; supervise the publication of the weekly Shabbat Bulletin and all e-mail blasts and notices to the Temple membership and social media uploads.

Liaise with The Temple’s current IT providers and specialists to ensure the smooth and timely functioning and use of all Temple technology systems, including hardware and software issues, including livestream, sound system, telephone, internet, etc.

Supervise the timely maintenance of the Temple’s technology/systems as well as its staffing for all religious services and other public programs to be broadcast from the Temple; evaluate, recommend upgrades, and supervise the regular testing of all IT/AV and livestreaming equipment and deal with vendors on maintenance, updating and emergency responses.

Administer and promote all Temple events and programs through social media and assist in developing and overseeing marketing efforts.

Fiscal and Planning Responsibilities

Research and evaluate Temple members for the development of new and additional financial resources for the Temple, including areas of interest for current contributions, establishment of testamentary and charitable trusts, estate planning gifts and other endowment opportunities.

Work with the Treasurer and Executive Committee members in the preparation, oversight and review of the Temple’s annual operating budget and the development of all financial reports to the Temple’s lay leadership.

Maintain and monitor effective internal financial controls; approve expenses within budgetary limits; supervise the preparation of invoice statements for Temple members and acknowledgements for Temple donors; see that members are properly billed for dues and other charges and are making timely payments.

Implement special member dues arrangements approved by the Temple’s Financial Assistance Committee with sensitivity, discretion, and respect.

Oversee, monitor and approve Temple purchases, payments and reimbursements.

Identify and apply for all alternative funding, grants, scholarships, and endowment opportunities.

Personal Attributes:  A successful Executive Director will:

Have a basic knowledge of Jewish holidays, laws and customs, (the ability to read Hebrew is a plus) and attend the Temple’s religious services.

Work collaboratively with members of the congregation, volunteer leaders, and staff, treating all with courtesy and respect; maintain discretion, confidentiality and professionalism at all times.

Maintain the right balance of a "detailed" and "big picture" mentality.

Use existing and new technologies, including but not limited to website maintenance, social media, Microsoft Office and all Temple software (Shulcloud).

Respond promptly and positively to all members and prospective members' contacts and inquiries.

Communicate effectively in speech and writing.

Balance multiple priorities simultaneously with attention to detail.

Refer all media inquiries to the Temple President.

Refrain (and see that his/her spouse refrains) from using social media to make comments that are political, negative, critical of any areas of public life, and in particular of the Temple, Palm Beach, South Florida or national Jewish Communities, embarass the Temple or its leadership or generate unwanted controversy.

Maintain a positive, “can do” attitude, finding strategies for moving forward instead of finding problems that prevent the Temple from doing so; respond promptly and positively to all members and prospective members’ contacts and inquiries.

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