Rabbinic Head - North Miami Beach, FL #848 @ Confidential

Rabbinic Head - North Miami Beach, FL #848

Our client is Scheck Hillel Community School www.eHillel.org

Position Summary:

The Rabbinic Head leads, safeguards and promotes the mission of the School, while also providing ritual and religious services to the School community. The particular role of the Rabbinic Head is to inspire Jewish learning, Jewish values, Jewish identity, love of the State of Israel, and Ruach to the wider School community. The Rabbinic Head also sets and oversees halachic guidelines for all programs and activities carried out by the School’s administrative and academic leadership teams. This position reports to the Board of Governors.

Duties and responsibilities for the RH include, but are not limited to:

• Safeguarding the mission and values of the School, and ensuring school decisions, campus life, programs, activities and curriculum imparted by the School are in alignment with the School's Orthodox teachings, as well as its Judaic mission and values.
• Providing halachic guidelines and supervision to administrative and academic leadership, to ensure all school programs, activities as well as strategic and philosophical matters are aligned with the Judaic aspect of the School’s mission and values. This includes, but is not limited to academic programs, extra-curricular programs and activities, student life and school culture, disciplinary policies and procedures, financial aid policies, admission policies, human resources, development and fundraising, and more.
• Developing, implementing and reviewing Board approved policies, which seek to safeguard the Judaic aspect of the School’s mission and values.
• Inspiring Jewish learning, Jewish values, Jewish identity, love of the State of Israel, and Ruach to the School.
• Collaborating with academic leadership at a strategic level to ensure the content and delivery of studies and programs are aligned with the mission, values and Judaic vision of the school; as well as to enhance the spiritual and religious relevance of academic and extracurricular offerings and programs.
• Providing Judaic leadership, presence and content at all relevant school and community activities and events.
• Guiding and overseeing ritual and religious programs and activities.

Leadership Responsibilities:

• The Rabbinic Head and Head of School shall work and collaborate in all professional and school efforts. Both RH and HOS shall be responsible for securing a mutually respectful, collaborative and efficient relationship and joint leadership role. RH shall not report nor receive direct instructions from HOS, and vice-versa. Any disputes not solved between RH and HOS shall be brought to BOG for proper resolution.
• The Rabbinic Head with the Head of school shall both act as liaisons between the Board of Governors and the School’s administration and faculty.
• The Rabbinic Head reports directly to the Board of Governors and shall be a member ex officio of all standing committees of the Board of Governors.
• The Rabbinic Head works alongside & collaborates with the Head of School in strategically planning for the success of the school, providing support in all educational and non-educational matters.
• The Rabbinic Head collaborates with Chief Academic Officer in order to ensure the curriculum imparted in all programs and activities, across all divisions and departments, is in alignment with the Judaic aspect of the School’s mission and values. It is the role of the CAO and his/her direct reports to set and oversee pedagogical matters, instruction and faculty performance.
• The Rabbinic Head shall take on additional responsibilities and duties as assigned by the Board of Governors.
• The Rabbinic Head shall be responsible for ensuring sufficient resources are allocated in the annual budget to cover expenses related to safeguarding and promoting Jewish mission, vision and values, which might not be covered by general and/or divisional budgets.

Academic & Rabbinic Role

• Acts as a Rabbinic presence at the School in accordance with the mission of the School.
• Actively monitors that the Mission of the School is integrated into all school activities and programs in support of the senior administrative team.
• Collaborate with divisional directors and department chairs to ensure that Judaic and Hebrew teachings, knowledge and skills are aligned throughout K-12.
• Maintains high visibility and participates in school events
• Provides religious guidance to students, employees, alumni/ae and others who may be connected with the School.
• Shows a sense of warmth, caring and nurturing to students, staff, administrators and parents.
• May teach any classes, when and if mutually agreed by RH and CAO.
• May participate in school accreditation processes, if deemed necessary by the HOS.

Community Relations and Advisory Role

• The Rabbinic Head shall act as the religious face of the school, provide Rabbinic presence, and act as a liaison between the School and the local and greater Jewish Community.
• Supports & collaborates with the Head of School with his/her presence at community events.
• Cultivates community donors and supporters in collaboration with Advancement and Development teams.
• Reviews school publications for Judaic & Hebrew language and content to reflect the Jewish mission of the school.
• Promotes and supports programs that strengthen the connection of the School with the State of Israel. Be the liaison between the school and pro-Israel organizations including but not limited to Israel Consulate, AIPAC and other cultural organizations that support the State of Israel.
• Helps drive enrollment growth in consultation with the head and admissions office.
• Provides a State of the School Update - from a Judaic perspective - at the School’s General Meeting.


The Rabbinic Head must have the capacity to work successfully and respect the School's diversity as it relates to its student, parent, faculty/staff and alumni populations; embrace and exemplify the school philosophy by living an orthodox Jewish lifestyle. The RH shall have a strong planning ability, sound judgment, ability to solve complex problems, excellent communication skills, organizational and interpersonal skills, as well as sound decision making abilities; ability to collaborate with diverse student, parent, and faculty populations; possess a creative and innovative attitude and open-minded character. Must have a passion for working with children from ECE-12 and inspire a commitment to Torah, Mitzvot & Ahavat Israel.

The Rabbinic Head is:
• Required to have an Orthodox Semicha.
• Required to have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in Jewish Day school administration.
• Required to have experience and proven passion for Jewish Education while working in a diverse Jewish community.
• Recommended experience in playing creative and visionary roles, leading to strengthening the Jewish identity of a diverse Jewish community.
• Recommended to have Master’s degree in education with coursework in Educational Leadership.

Notice to Candidates: Applications are reviewed by a 3rd Party Recruiter or other Service Provider.

Application Instructions

Applicants apply directly to Employer.
Please apply by sending your cover letter and resume in confidence to:
[email protected]

Job Summary

Job Location
Confidential, FL

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