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About Magen David
Established in 1946, Magen David Yeshivah is a private co-ed Jewish day school that has since produced countless successful industry professionals, lawyers, physicians, rabbis, and teachers, as well as prominent leaders at the helm of numerous organizations. MDY is the epicenter of the largest Sephardic community in the United States with over 1800 students enrolled in our state-of-the-art facility from playgroup through 12th grade with 98% of our graduates attending a four-year college including Boston, Brandeis, New York, John Hopkins and Yeshiva University as well as the Fashion Institute of Technology.
Magen David Yeshivah is seeking the right candidate who can shepherd the school to even greater heights, focus on academic excellence, individual instruction, curriculum rigor and performance evaluation and achievement and a deep commitment to the future of the Sephardic community and Jewish people.
Our mission is to produce broadly educated, ethical, self-confident, and compassionate Torah-observant Jews, committed to lifelong learning, community service, and personal growth.
The head of school serves as the organizational leader, responsible for managing the policies, regulations, activities and procedures to ensure all staff and students are supervised in a safe and enriching Sephardic learning environment that meets the approved curricula and mission of the school. In keeping with the school’s mission, the head of school fosters the traditions, relationships, and practices that determine the school’s climate and culture that promotes excellence, performance metrics, fiduciary responsibility, equality and high expectations of all staff and students.
Magen David Yeshivah is seeking a dynamic, experienced and visionary head of school who will be the sole employee of the board of trustees. This position is responsible for the overall management of the school, in accordance with the board’s policies. The head of school is the
spokesperson for the school with all its internal and external constituencies including students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, neighbors, business community, governmental agencies, and local, state, regional and national educational organizations and accrediting agencies. Though much of the work is properly delegated, the head of school has ultimate and overall responsibility for board relations, curriculum and instruction, student life, business affairs, admission and advancement.
General Responsibilities
-Develop programs that enable students to meet academic goals.
-Ensure Annual Yearly Progress meetings and execute programs that lead to academic success.
-Establish policies in partnership with the board, be proactive for succession planning and future staffing requirements.
-Handle expenditures and budget with the school finance department to satisfy financial obligations.
-Encourage school engagement in the community.
-Attend meetings and represent the school for all education department and accreditation needs
-Create and manage attractive, organized, functional, healthy and safe facilities.
-Responsible for employees and visitors’ healthy, safety and welfare.
-Establish procedures and regular drills for emergencies and disasters.
-Hire, employ and establish outstanding faculty who embody academic excellence, integrity and moral character.
-Be the voice and face of the school at area community and educational associations to market the school’s wellbeing.
-Support school start-up activities such as presentations to referral sources and parents.
-Oversee school activities to ensure educational goals and outcomes’ fulfillment.
-Offer consistent and compassionate customer service to students, parents and referral sources.
-Measure and report on curriculum rigor, staff and student performance
Board Relations
The head of school advises the board but is not responsible for governance matters just as the board advises the head but is not responsible for management matters. Together, the head of school and board form an equal partnership in running the school, each in their respective spheres of management and governance. The head of school is an ex officio, non-voting, member of the board and all board committees.
The head of school:
-Keeps the board informed of all matters relating to the school through reports at board meetings and immediate communication following major school events or happenings.
-Provides data to assist the board in its work.
-Makes recommendations to the board for approval of the operating and capital budgets, including all categories of income and expenditures.
-Seeks direction from the board on new initiatives.
-Assists the board chair and/or executive committee in setting board and committee meeting agendas and discussion topics.
-Staffs the board’s strategic planning process.
-Jointly with the board, sets annual goals for his/her performance.
-Provides documentation materials for the board to use in his/her evaluation.
-Sees that board records and minutes are properly filed, and otherwise assists the board in its work as asked.
Curriculum and Instruction
-Upholds the academic and ethical standards of the school.
-Hires, supervises, evaluates, and dismisses all administrators, faculty, and staff members.
-Fosters professionalism, collegiality, and ethical conduct in the faculty.
-Provides for the professional development of the faculty.
-Stimulates and participates in the dialog about teaching and learning at the school.
-Supervises the selection of curricula, class schedules, assessments, graduation requirements, and all aspects of the school’s academic program.
-Optimizes the physical learning environment and technology in all instructional areas.
Student Life
-Supports student activities and extracurricular opportunities.
-Administers the school’s discipline policies and standards of conduct. ? Supervises the school’s support systems, such as counseling, academic support, before and after-school programs, secondary school counseling, health and wellness, etc.. ? Oversees the school safety programs including building security, emergency procedures, transportation regulations, tornado and fire drills, etc.
-Promotes a healthy student culture in and out of school.
-Optimizes all-school gatherings including assemblies, sporting events, performances, etc.
-Provides for character education and ethical teachings in keeping with the mission of the school.
-Reports student progress to parents on a timely and helpful basis.
Business, Finance and Plant Operations
-Understands and supervises the business functions of the school, including budgeting; monitoring and reporting income, expenses, investments, and cash flow; maintenance of appropriate records; and assisting the school’s auditors.
-Oversees all employment and human relations matters, such as contracts, salaries, benefits, job assignments, job orientation, performance evaluation, retentions and dismissals, personnel records, employee handbooks, etc.
-Oversees the maintenance and cleaning of the buildings, grounds, and all plant operations including vehicles, grounds, etc.
-Plans and executes all major capital purchases, repairs, and building projects. Admissions, Marketing and Financial Aid
-Supervises and assists the admissions functions of the school, including recruitment programs, internal marketing, external outreach, website development and maintenance, information dissemination, and applicant testing and interviewing.
-Supervises the admissions decision-making process across both academic and finance aspects.
Advancement and Fund-Raising
-Plans and optimizes the school’s fund-raising programs such as the annual fund, capital campaigns, planned giving, and major events.
-Supervises the schools development efforts in identifying, cultivating, thanking, and communicating with past and prospective donors.
-Oversees the school’s relations with its alumni including development and maintenance of the alumni database, communications programs, and special events.
-Supervises all volunteer efforts such as those donated by individuals or the parents’ association, booster clubs, alumni council, etc., all of which report to the head of school or his/her designee.
Required Skills and Qualifications
-Must be comfortable in a position of authority and be able to effectively command a school.
-Must have excellent communication skills and be able to effectively communicate between employees, students, parents, the community, and both local and state government agencies.
-Be a visionary - think and plan ahead
-Have strong organization skills
-Be able to network in order to recruit new talent on a consistent basis and provide growth opportunities for faculty and staff.
Competitive Salary and Benefits package.
This job description is not intended to represent a complete, comprehensive list of all duties and responsibilities that may be required in this position. There may be unplanned activities and other duties as assigned.
Interested candidates should submit their resume and cover letter to Amy Wasser, Senior Director Field Ad****************

Application Instructions

Applicants apply directly to Employer.
send your resume to [email protected]

Job Summary

  • Duration: full-time
  • Benefits:
  • Preferred Experience: Professional (6-10 years)
  • Preferred Degree: Masters
  • Job Posted: 2021-03-16
  • Times this job has been viewed: 285 times
  • Job is posted for: 60 days
  • Job Categories: Education - Other
  • Organization Type: Education & Schools
Job Location
Magen David Yeshivah
2130 Mcdonald Ave
Brooklyn , New York 11223


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