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Youth & Teen Director

Summary: Looking for a couple or an individual;
The Youth and Teen Director will create, arrange, and implement various activities and events for the children and parents in the community. From educational programs, recreational events, and culinary activities, the Youth Directors will find ways to bring the community together in engaging, fun, and safe environments.

Key Youth Responsibilities:
1. Report to Executive Director (Tamar Fix) for all matters of Youth + Teens programming
2. Hire, interview, and supervise staff within the department
3. Efficiently manage staffing needs by meeting demand of Shabbat, Yom Tov and events.
4. Ensure Shabbat and Yom Tov groups are of the highest quality and caliber by incorporating a mix of Tefilah, Judaic lessons, and indoor/outdoor recreation
5. In collaboration with the Office Management Staff
1. Create attractive marketing content including flyers, emails, and web
2. Direct maintenance staff with instructions for event set up
3. Submit payroll to Finance Department on a monthly basis
4. Calendar all youth activities to avoid scheduling conflicts
5. Develop weekly Echod submission incl. Dvar Torah, Shabbat Schedule, Parsha Q/A, and Upcoming Events. Ensure 3rd party proofing by Gloria Kestenbaum.
6. Create and organize content, add members, and send weekly Youth Email Blast
6. Build relationships with parents of youth members and proactively enlist their support.
7. Ensure proper supervision for the High Holidays, including the two morning services for Rosh Hashanah, Kol Nidrei evening, and Yom Kippur mornings. This responsibility includes seeking additional qualified persons to lead child care outside of youth staff.
8. Manage procurement of healthy snacks; prepare, wash, and distribute each Shabbat.
9. Coordinate directly with head of Community Security Service ‘CSS’ (Ian Silver) and attend training as necessary to ensure the safety of children in youth groups. This includes ensuring doors are locked, any non-parents or child care members are removed from Youth Rooms, and carrying a walkie talkie to maintain communication with CSS.
10. Execute on all aspects of annual Purim Carnival Youth Fundraiser including fundraising, vendor management, and volunteer coordination.
11. Assist lay leaders in staffing Youth Supervision as needed (ex: Chanukah Dinner)
12. Create at least 2 Mitzvah Workshop Events including Matzah Bakery, Shofar Factory, and/or Olive Press, including web sign ups, cash collection, and vendor management.
13. Create a minimum of 3 “Babies and Brunch” Sunday Events, including vendor management, sign ups, and soliciting sponsorships.
14. Create at least 2 Motzei Shabbat Musical Havdalahs during the winter months including coordination with shul Chazzan (Yanky Lemmer) and parents in the community.
15. Reach out to the youth twice over the summer (once through a letter or postcard to camp) and the other reaching out to the parents (via email) checking in on how their child is doing and letting them know you’ve sent a letter to their child.
16. Maintain youth group whats app chat to highlight upcoming events
17. Send pictures/video to office employee managing LSS social media or post yourself

Key Teen Responsibilities:
1. Together with Rabbi and Rabbinic Interns, arrange programming such as Teen Minyanim, ensuring at least 4 Shabbat Teen Minyanim and 2 Sunday Teen Minyanim
2. Proactively engage with internal lay leaders and non-profit partners (ex: Dorot) to create a minimum of 4 Volunteering Opportunities for Teens throughout the year
3. Write recommendation letters to assist Teens in summer work, internships, and school placements as deemed appropriate by the Youth Directors.
4. Reach out to the teens twice over the summer (either via the whats app chat group or other form of communication)
5. Maintain teen whats app chat (upcoming events, assure minyan attendance etc.)
6. Send pictures/video to office employee managing LSS social media or post yourself

Presence will not be required on Sukkot or Pesach itself- events leading up to Pesach is required (i.e. matzah factory), leading up to sukkot (i.e. sukkah decoration making event) is required and on Chol Hamoed Sukkot (i.e. sushi in the sukkah) is required.

Youth Directors are not required to be present for major American Holiday weekends including Thanksgiving (an event or program about gratitude leading up to Thanksgiving is requested but not required), Christmas/New Years, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Independence Day.

The Youth & Teen Director does not need to be present for 5 Shabbatot throughout the school year (Sept-June).

Summer Shabbatot (July-August): Youth Director decreases staff and ensures younger groups are adequately covered. One month off (so long as you can staff youth groups to run with your Assistant or high level counselor). There is low attendance but coverage remains your responsibility. Should you not be able to find the necessary coverage your presence would be required for that particular shabbat.

Application Instructions

Applicants apply directly to Employer.
Please email your cover letter and resume to the Synagogue Executive Director.
[email protected]

Job Summary

Job Location
Lincoln Square Synagogue
180 amsterdam ave
New York , New York 10023


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