Head of School

Leadership Qualifications
• Dynamic, inspirational leader
• Fully embodies and champions a Modern Orthodox hashkafa, with deep commitment to halacha
• Strong background in Torah learning and scholarship
• Educator who is innovative and knowledgeable in current best educational practices
• Serves as a role model for students, faculty, and community
• Skilled manager / administrator who listens actively, identifies strengths in others, and enables them in their own leadership capacities

• Manage the All-School Administrative Team (ASAT)
• Guide, motivate, and empower faculty and staff to grow professionally
• Oversee budget in partnership with Director of Finance

Institutional Priorities
• Inspire a love of Torah and shmirat hamitzvot
• Maintain and increase enrollment
• Explore opportunities for increased affordability, both for families and for the school
• Attract, develop, and retain excellent faculty and staff
• Prioritize clear and effective communication with faculty, students, and parents
• Focus on institutional advancement in partnership with the school’s Director of Development

Relationship Building
• Drive a student-centered culture with a focus on the academic, social-emotional, and spiritual well-being of each student
• Advance partnerships between faculty, parents, and students in the delivery of education
• Connect meaningfully with stakeholders, both within the school and in the broader Boston Jewish community; be accessible and welcoming
• Position Maimonides as a leading institution within the Greater Boston Jewish community

Governance/Board Relations
• Partner with the Board of Directors to advance the school’s strategic plan
• Work in strong partnership with an engaged and collaborative lay leadership
• Collaborate with the School Committee to promote the hashkafic and religious mission of the school

About the Head of School Position
For this critical role, the school leadership seeks a Head of School who is a dynamic, inspirational, visionary leader, an effective communicator, and fully embodies and champions a Modern Orthodox hashkafa. This position requires someone with a strong background in Torah learning who inspires a love of Judaism and shmirat hamitzvot, and fosters serious Torah and secular studies and a genuine commitment to Medinat Yisrael. The Head of School will serve as a role model for students, faculty, and the community. This position requires an experienced educator who is innovative and knowledgeable in current best educational practices and is able to openly and collaboratively guide faculty and staff and attract new talent. The Head of School will be a skilled manager who has a strong ability to oversee day-to-day operations as well as the “big picture” goals, and can delegate effectively. This leader will have the ability to engage comfortably with a wide variety of constituents and advance Maimonides School’s vision and centrality in the Greater Boston Jewish community.

The Head of School will oversee and guide the school’s administrative leadership, including ASAT. This leader will be involved in all four school divisions (Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle and Upper Schools) and will appreciate that each division is equally valuable. The Head of School will set high standards, encourage faculty and staff to work as a collaborative cohort toward problem-solving, and entrust them with responsibilities in and out of their domain. As an experienced educator, the Head of School will work with faculty, students, and parents to advance Maimonides School’s commitment to the highest educational standards in both Limudei Kodesh and General Studies, with keen attention to the students’ entire well-being. The Head of School will be passionate and knowledgeable about current educational practices, educational administration, and school management, and will direct curricular advancements.

This leader will drive a student-centered culture with a focus on the academic, social-emotional, and spiritual well-being of the students and the development of self-actualized young adults who sustain lifelong curiosity and religious engagement, and develop to their fullest potential. The Head of School will collaborate with the School Committee to promote the hashkafic and religious mission of the school in support of the Modern Orthodox values of understanding of, preparation for, and integration within contemporary society. The Head of School will encourage and applaud a culture of strong character development, middot tovot, and interpersonal relationships.

The Head of School will serve as an approachable mentor who will advance partnerships between faculty, advisors, students, and parents toward optimizing educational outcomes. As a leader, the Head of School will empower faculty and staff in their current roles, maintain positive morale, and actively value their practice and potential in a cycle of continuous growth as educators, colleagues, and leaders. This leader will also foster their career development by providing professional and continuing education opportunities. The Head of School will recruit and retain talented teachers who further the mission of the school.

The Head of School will work with the Board of Directors and other stakeholders to support the current strategic plan and develop future strategic plans. One of the most important priorities will be to maintain, and ultimately increase, student enrollment. This goal will be achieved by the Head of School leading and partnering with Maimonides School’s strong and collaborative administrative team. Maimonides School has been at the forefront of developing innovative affordability initiatives; the Head of School will support and work with the professional and lay leadership to develop further such initiatives so that Maimonides School remains a viable option for all students who wish to be enriched by a strong Modern Orthodox education and lifestyle. This leader will work with the highly capable professional and lay leadership to oversee and manage the school’s budget in an effort to maintain financial accountability. The Head of School will also work with the professional and lay development team to broaden and deepen our general and major donor base. As an effective communicator and community builder, the Head of School will connect and communicate clearly and effectively with students, faculty, staff, parents, and the community at large, and in doing so, will position Maimonides School as the center of the Greater Boston Modern Orthodox community.

Our School
Maimonides School is proud to be the beacon of Modern Orthodox co-education in New England and welcomes students from Early Childhood through 12th Grade. Established in 1937 by Rabbi Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik zt"l and his supporters, Maimonides School was where the Rav turned theory into practice. Maimonides School strives to empower and inspire religiously observant, educated Jews within whom Judaic and general education, devotion to Torah values, strong support of Medinat Yisrael, and the desire to contribute to society are organically linked.

Maimonides School comprises four divisions with approximately 400 students and 120 employees. The Elementary School, Middle School, and Upper School are located in Brookline, MA on the Saval Campus. The Early Childhood Center is currently located in Newton, five miles from the main campus, with the goal of moving back to the Brookline campus by the start of the 2022-23 school year.

Building on the legacy of the Rav, a hallmark of Maimonides School’s philosophy has always been to provide the same opportunities to both girls and boys, all learning in classes together. Both ASAT and the Maimonides faculty are talented, dedicated, and collaborative, and are exceptional at creating a warm and inclusive environment. Throughout their Maimonides experience, students are immersed in Limudei Kodesh and General Studies with passionate educators who have the opportunity to watch them grow from toddlers to high school graduates. Our faculty report that one of the highlights of working at Maimonides School is the students, who behave with profound integrity and respect, have beautiful middot, and are true mensches. Maimonides students report that some of the most unique and special aspects of attending Maimonides are the lifelong friendships that are formed.

Maimonides School embarked on its Plan for Sustainable Excellence in July 2019 with the overarching goal of driving continued excellence while ensuring long-term financial health, thereby increasing the value proposition of a Maimonides education. The Strategic Plan identified four pillars for focused efforts: Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, Culture, and Finance. Our Strategic Plan has been our guidepost over the past two years as we continue to successfully execute its goals and priorities.

Maimonides has been at the forefront of Jewish day schools in addressing affordability. A recent highly valued, innovative initiative, MAI Way, sets a unique tuition obligation for each family, based on income and the number of children enrolled in the school, and offers a streamlined and efficient application process. Maimonides School is committed to continuously exploring new avenues to make Jewish education affordable in the Greater Boston area.

Our Early Childhood Center (21 months - 5 years old)
The preschool is a nurturing, joyful, Reggio-inspired program within a Modern Orthodox environment. The Early Childhood Center celebrates the emerging potential and natural curiosity of each child, along with a love of Torah, mitzvot, and Israel. It also provides a multi-sensory approach to Torah along with math, science, and literacy, and sets the stage for a life-long passion for learning and discovery. Robin Meyerowitz, Early Childhood Director, explains: “nurturing all our students is at the core of our mission. From our youngest to our oldest students, we partner with parents, teachers, and specialists in our shared commitment to ensure that every student thrives, and that each student’s emotional, social, and learning needs are met.” Our curriculum is student-centered and the thematic inquiries we engage in are unique to each group of students.

Our Elementary School (Kindergarten - 5th grade)
In the Elementary School, Limudei Kodesh and General Studies are equally emphasized, cultivating a love for Torah and mitzvot as well as literature, science, mathematics, and joyful learning. In the words of Principal Michal Bessler, the Elementary School’s focus is to “nourish, support, and cherish our students. Here at Maimonides School we live our Judaism and are committed to the values of caring for others, doing acts of kindness, respecting ourselves and those around us, accepting our personal responsibilities, and growing into our best selves.” Instruction is integrated across the curriculum and through varied informal educational experiences to make learning come alive so the students are engaged and excited about their connection to Torah, Klal Yisrael, and Medinat Yisrael. There is a strong emphasis on the whole child which is reflected in our social-emotional curriculum, including units on developing empathy, emotion management, friendship skills, and problem-solving. Some favorite Elementary School highlights include focusing each year on a middah and weaving it throughout the curriculum, the Chagigat HaSiddur and Chagigat HaChumash, the third grade Purim play (performed entirely in Hebrew), older students serving as reading buddies for the kindergarten class, our fifth grade leadership curriculum, and the Maccabiah.

Our Middle School (6th grade - 8th grade)
Led by a strong Middle School team – including Principal Rabbi Dov Huff, 6th Grade Dean Stephanie Samuels, and Dean of Students Sarah Cheses – Maimonides teachers and staff help each child thrive academically, socially, religiously, and emotionally to reach their fullest potential. In the Maimonides Middle School we aim to meet the needs of children where they are while carefully nurturing their growth as thoughtful, caring, spiritual human beings, paying close attention to their changing needs, and structuring their overall development. Alongside the core subjects of Talmud, science, English, Hebrew language, math, Tanach, and history, we consciously foster and teach compassion and empathy to build a positive, inclusive learning environment, collaborative and group-building skills, note-taking skills, organizational skills, and critical-thinking skills.

Maimonides Middle School students participate in multiple opportunities for spiritual growth and experiential learning, such as field trips, opportunities to join various sports teams, Shabbatonim, and sharing in each other’s smachot. X-block is a special program integrated into the weekly curriculum that provides students with an opportunity to meet with their teachers during the school day to work on their academic skills, share social and emotional challenges, and participate in conflict resolution. Maimonides Middle School students engage in a variety of girls’ and boys’ competitive sports teams including basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, and soccer. There are also weekly chugim built into the schedule where students can select from a wide variety of activities including robotics, cooking, art, and sports.

SELAH, which stands for Social-Emotional Learning and Hashkafa, is a new program in the Maimonides Middle and Upper School curriculum. Through weekly lessons, students explore topics such as emotional awareness, self-esteem, healthy decision-making, physical and mental health, conflict resolution, and healthy relationships, all through a Torah lens.

Our Upper School (9th grade - 12th grade)
The learning environment in the Upper School, led by Principal Rabbi Dov Huff, continues to give equal attention to both General and Judaic Studies, as the study of one informs the other. This cycle of learning is the basis for spiritual inspiration and academic excellence. Jewish values and an emphasis on middot are intertwined with academic and extracurricular activities to support the spiritual, social, and emotional well-being of each student. Maimonides is one of the only schools in the world with a high school Masechet Shabbat curriculum, ensuring that all students learn the principles of the laws of Shabbat before graduation. In addition to the classroom experience, there are many opportunities for fun and growth which go hand-in-hand with a commitment to shmirat hamitzvot, including Shabbatonim, retreats, sports teams, numerous extra-curricular clubs, and inspirational speakers on a range of topics. Special programs explore healthy relationships, the Jewish lifecycle, and preparation for college. The Mock Beit Din considers complex tradeoffs within halacha. Maimonides is a proud supporter of Israel and is the only school in the country that sends its entire senior class to the annual AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, D.C.

In all divisions, Maimonides students shine in both their secular and Judaic endeavors. The Maimonides School Mock Trial Team is one of the most successful teams in the country, having won multiple State Championships over the last decade. Maimonides students also have an exceptional Math Team, and recently came in first in a competition between over 150 Jewish day schools around the world. In the Chidon HaTanach, Maimonides students have had two national champions in the past dozen years and seven national finalists this past year alone. Maimonides is one of the only schools in the country where students complete the entirety of Chumash by graduation, along with Neviim Rishonim, a serious Neviim Acharonim program, and Ezra-Nechemia. Alongside our Beurei HaTefillah and Jewish Thought courses, teachers and principals regularly speak to students about the meaning of prayer and the role of tefillah within a religious life. Maimonides School is proud that the vast majority of its graduating seniors spend at least one year learning in yeshiva or seminary in Israel and choose to attend a college with a twin commitment to observant life and academic excellence. Maimonides students are routinely accepted at highly-selective universities, and once matriculated they report that Maimonides has fully prepared them to excel in their college-level studies. Maimonides School is proud of its over 2,000 alumni, including many rabbis, Jewish educators, Rhodes Scholars, National Merit Scholars, prominent professors, scientists, and business leaders. More than 325 of them are living in Israel.

Our Community
The Boston Jewish community is known to be warm, welcoming, and inclusive. With the Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) of Greater Boston and the various community shuls working together to strengthen the collective community, there is a unique paradigm in the Greater Boston Jewish community of collaborative engagement and shared commitment. The Orthodox Jewish communities are located primarily in Brighton, Brookline, Cambridge, Malden, Newton, Sharon, and Providence, RI. These communities offer a choice of lifestyle, from large cities to suburban cities to rural suburbs. Kosher food is available in all the communities, with options including kosher supermarkets, public supermarkets, and bakeries, along with a number of kosher caterers and several restaurants.

Greater Boston is a renowned academic hub with some of the world’s most prestigious universities, colleges, hospitals, and medical centers. It has also quickly become one of the top high tech centers in the U.S. Boston has a rich history and there are countless cultural and recreational opportunities within the city or just a short drive away, including museums, historical landmarks, nature reserves, beaches, and mountain ranges. Living in Boston, one has easy access to explore the natural beauty of New England. We are also within driving distance of the New York/New Jersey area for a visit to family and friends. In addition, Boston has some of the best sports teams on Earth!

Application Instructions

Applicants apply directly to Employer.
To apply to become Maimonides School’s next Head of School for the start of the 2022-23 school year, please send a cover letter and resume to Amy Wasser, Senior Director of Field Advancement at Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools at [email protected]
[email protected]

Job Summary

Job Location
Maimonides School
34 Philbrick Road
Brookline , Massachusetts 02445


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